2006 October: ATRP Solutions is spun out of Carnegie Mellon University

2008 October: Innovation Works invests in ATRP Solutions

enter December: Scientists at ATRP Solutions file patents for Ultimate ATRP® and Ultimate RAFT® and enable scaling


April: Scientists at ATRP Solutions file patents covering a new class of rheology modifiers which later become its flagship ingredient technologies

buying dapoxetine June: ATRP Solutions team named as winners in EPAs Green Chemistry Challenge

June: The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds ATRP Solutions to scale Ultimate ATRP to industrial scales

October: ATRP Solutions honored as Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Rising Star


October: ATRP Solutions honored for Advanced Manufacturing by The Pittsburgh Technology Counsel


July: ATRP Solutions closes Series B investment round led by Birchmere Ventures

October: ATRP Solutions scales Ultimate ATRP® to 200 gallon scale


November: ATRP Solutions scales Ultimate ATRP® to 750 gallon scale

December: ATRP Solutions runs 20 batches at 750 gallon scale


March: ATRP Solutions completes preliminary design for 10 million pound manufacturing plant

December: ATRP Solutions deploys hydraulic fracturing fluid technology in Permian Basin